What is the Segway Personal Transporter and how does it work?

The Segway PT is the first ever self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device. With dimensions no larger than the average adult body and the ability to emulate human balance, the Segway uses the same space as a pedestrian, and can go wherever a person can walk.

Dynamic stabilization is the essence of the Segway. It enables the Segway to work seamlessly with the body’s movements. Gyroscopes and tilt sensors in the unit monitor a rider’s centre of gravity at about 100 times a second. When the rider leans slightly forward, the Segway moves forward. When the rider leans slightly back, the Segway moves backward.

Are Segways safe for children or people with disabilities?

Although riding a Segway is relatively easy to do and learn, we do require that all riders be at least 12 years. Guests under 18 of age must be accompanied by an adult. Also, riders should have the ability to make motions such as climbing and descending stairs without assistance. The Segway is not appropriate for those weighing under 35kg or over 120kg (77 – 265 lbs). Riding a Segway is not recommended for pregnant women. All riders maust agree to and sign a Liability Release.

Each of our glides begins with a 15-20 minute training session in the place of our meeting point. We will practice on the Segway so that everyone feels comfortable and ready to go.

Are the glides cancelled in case of rain?

We operate rain or shine. However, if we cancel a tour due to extreme inclement weather you will recese a 100% refund.

How far in advance do I need to reserve?

You can call us to check availability on the same day of your glide. However it is quite possible that there will be no places. We suggest you reserve as much in advance as you can to secure your desired date and glide.

Do we go inside the museums and monuments?

We do not enter the museums and monuments. However, we will give you a great orientation and you will know exactly where you want to go after the tour.

Am I allowed to take pictures during the tour?

Absolutely, however, we do recommend that you ask your instructor to take your picture so you can focus on riding and balancing on your Segway. Also when you book any tour online you will get photos which are taken by your instructor during your tour for free.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer 100% refunds on all tours if the reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled tour. No shows or all tours cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled departure are non-refundable. We do offer rescheduling option which has to be done more than 24 hours before your sheduled tour.