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Name :Akif Bendaliyev | 15-07-2011
City : Baku
Message : Dear Jitka,
thanks a lot for pictures. Really, that day was wonderful. Best regards.

Name :Gamed Kerimov | 05-07-2011
City : Baku
Message : Thank you Jitka for fantastic time!

Name :Ton & Adrie | 13-06-2011
City : Belgium
Message : Dear Jitka,
thank you very very much for the beautiful and fantastic pictures you made!!
It was a very nice day, we shall never forget!
I told my friends and Adrie also when you go to Bodrum ask Jitka and make your day!

Thank you again!

Name :Sofie Webers | 13-06-2011
City : Baal
Message : Dear Jitka,
Thank you very much for the pictures, they’re really nice! I loved the Segways, I really want to ride them again sometimes. We’re back in Belgium now, unfortunately it’s only 15 degrees and raining. I want to go back to Turkey :-) Enjoy the sun over there!

Name :Paul Geraeds | 13-06-2011
City : Maarsbergen
Message : Dear Jitka,
Thank you very much for the pictures you sent of our segway-tour. We enjoyed the tour a lot, you were a wonderful guide and wish you a good summer with lots of tourists!

Greetings from Holland

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I love new ideas and the Segway is a revolutionary and remarkable piece of engineering. Offering Segway tours is a bit like sharing your toys for a living. People love the experience of riding the Segways and the level of customer satisfaction provides an extremely positive work environment. I get to meet people from all over the world and being a hands-on experience. Bodrum has a huge range of activity operators but while most have to watch everybody else have the fun, I get to ride a Segway too. :-) Like any business it has plenty of challenges, but that just makes it all the more interesting.