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Name :Deepak | 23-05-2013
City : India
Message : Dear Jitka,
the Segway tour was fantastic and I was very impressed with the lessons given to the first time Segway users before we headed out. The view point to see both the Bodrum and Gumbet bay from the same hill point and the beach section was very interesting. Thanks for the photos. We will def. recommend your company to our friends who visit Bodrum in the future. Regards

Name :Barbara & Steve Harrison | 22-05-2013
City : England
Message : Dear Jitka,
many thanks for the Photo's we very much enjoyed viewing them and thinking about the brilliant time we had with your expert guidance!
Once again thank you for a great time, I had so much fun, it was lovely to meet you.
All the very best for your business venture, you deserve to succeed!

Name :R&R | 19-08-2012
City : Amstelveen
Message : Hallo Jitka,
This message is a little bit late. Because our trip whit you was already last year. But we had a wonderfull time and trip in Bodrum. And now we saw that we can tell to others it was wonderful. Our family is now in Bodrum and we hope they will find you and have also a great time on the segways. We wish them and you a nice trip.

Name :Family Djuza | 18-07-2012
City : Helsingborg, Sweden
Message : Dear Jitka,
thank you for a very good time and the photos. When we are coming next time we will contact you!

Name :Rachid | 30-05-2012
City : Brussels
Message : Dear Jitka,
Thank you very much for the memory.
The pics are really nice!
Holiday was nice but now we are back to "reality" ;-)
We really liked the Segway activity and even more the way you animated.
Greetings from rainy Brussels, Rachid

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I love new ideas and the Segway is a revolutionary and remarkable piece of engineering. Offering Segway tours is a bit like sharing your toys for a living. People love the experience of riding the Segways and the level of customer satisfaction provides an extremely positive work environment. I get to meet people from all over the world and being a hands-on experience. Bodrum has a huge range of activity operators but while most have to watch everybody else have the fun, I get to ride a Segway too. :-) Like any business it has plenty of challenges, but that just makes it all the more interesting.